Gettin the goods

Photo contributed by Waspy’s Truck Stop

Audubon students in grades 9-12 all got free wings, fries and a drink to celebrate a big first semester for Audubon High School.

AUDUBON - This past Sunday the Waspy’s Truck Stop in Audubon held a wing feed for the Audubon high school students and staff.

With the first semester of classes winding down and the holiday break approaching, the Handlos family gave the Audubon high school a free wing and fries night for all ninth through 12th grade students. All high school faculty, staff and volunteers were encouraged to attended as well.

“Anyone who helped out with anything at the high school had the invitation,” chief operating officer Beth Handlos said. “The school was very helpful in getting that out. It originally started with football. Of course they kept winning and winning and we said that we should do something for them.”

“Then we thought, there’re other sports that don’t quite get the same accolades and attention like the bigger sports do. We eventually decided that we should just invite everybody, just because some students don’t do sports, (and that) doesn’t make them of any less value so that made it to where we just went ahead and invited the whole high school, it’s students, faculty and staff, and volunteers.”

Thanksgiving, of course had some families out of town, but the Handlos family still wanted to do something for the high school community as a thank you for their Wheeler pride.

“We really appreciated all those folks who were able to come out so we could treat them to this,” Handlos said. “We really wanted to do something to kind of say thank you to thank everyone in the town for supporting these kids and do something for them and the teachers. We also wanted to do our part in supporting the community as well.”

It was estimated that around 70 people attended this event.