Well, if that first week of NFL playoffs didn’t entertain those of you who watched, or at least saw some highlights, I don’t know what you would be looking for.

To those who missed out, you missed quite the spectacles.

Last weekend’s wildcard round feature two games that went into overtime, and though the other two did get settled in regulation none were decide by more than a touchdown and two point conversion which was the case in the Seattle vs Philadelphia game.

So this week’s NFL playoff games will begin on Saturday with the Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco followed by Tennessee at Baltimore.

Typically, I don’t care much of what happens to Minnesota, but for the sake of Green Bay possibly hosting the NFC championship game, SKOL! Sadly, I fear that San Francisco is going to be just too much for the Vikings, but I also thought the same for when Minnesota took on the Saints.

I especially though the Tennessee Titans would be outmatched at New England, but look how that went. Play hard, and anyone can win on any given day.

Anyway, Sunday’s game feature Houston at Kansas City first followed by Seattle at Green Bay.

So, who moves on?

As I said earlier I would love to see the Vikings move on, but former Hawkeye and current 49ers tight end George Kittle has been a monster this year and not many teams have found an answer in terms of slowing him down. I think Minnesota will put up a good fight, but the 49ers defense should force Cousins to make a mistake or two, thus the 49ers to me will be the first team to move onto the next round.

As for the Titans against the Ravens, Tennessee has really been a hard to team to figure out. Don’t get me wrong they deserve to be in this game as they controlled that game in Foxborough last weekend with a great run game with Derrick Henry.

It’s going to take more than a great rushing attack to take down Baltimore though. The Titans are good, but they don’t have the horses to run with MVP candidate Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, and if Raven running back Mark Ingram is ready to go and back for his injury, that just adds fuels to the fire. The Ravens move on.

As for Sunday’s game in Arrowhead Stadium, this game can go a couple different ways. Houston has really played inconstant all season long, and for that reason I like the Chiefs in this game. However, if Houston plays like they did in the second half of the last week’s game against the Bills, or how they played when they beat the Patriots on Dec. 2.

Perhaps more simply put... if Houston plays like they did in their seasons earlier meeting where Houston beat KC 31-24, which was also in Arrowhead Stadium, the Texans can be about as hard to stop as the Ravens are.

I just haven’t seen that consistency though out of Houston, so in round two, I’ll take the Chiefs.

Finally, the game in the frozen tundra, Green Bay vs Seattle. Yes, Green Bay’s offense has not been fantastic by any means, especially in that game at Detroit.

All of my bias put aside, I could see Green Bay getting rolled in this game. It’s unlikely, but if Green Bay’s offense continues to struggle and the defense is rusty, the Pack could be in trouble, but I could also see the Packers making a run as well.


Despite the fact that Green Bay has really not dominated any game they’ve played, in fact they’ve looked just flat out bad in some games. Despite that though, more times than not, Green Bay has still found ways to win that is what good teams do.

Seattle has been hard to beat on the road though as the Seahawks are 7-1 this year on the road. However, Green Bay is also 7-1 at Lambeau. So, something has to give.

Russel Wilson in three games at Green Bay though has not been good, in fact his passer rating against the Packers is the lowest among all the teams Wilson has played.

Cutting to the chase, it will be close, and I will likely be anxious throughout the whole game, but I think Green Bay should squeak by at home.

I went 2-2 last week on my picks, and that could happen again this week, but my predicted winners this week are, 49ers, Ravens, Chiefs, and Packers.

Final quick thing, the national championship game will be this Monday Jan. 13 with LSU playing Clemson.

Keeping this one short, no one, and I mean no one team has had an answer in how to defend or contain LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. Though Clemson has a great QB in Trevor Lawrence as well, Burrow in his recent game against Oklahoma showed why he was the Heisman winner.

It should be an entertaining game indeed, but for that game I feel LSU is slightly better offensively and defensively, so I pick the Tigers to be crowned national champion after Monday’s game.

The LSU Tigers that is.

This concludes my extensive talk of football. Have a great weekend everyone!