Custodian Doug Weston Retires

By Laura Bacon/NT Staff Writer

Doug Weston, custodian at the Audubon County Courthouse, gave his 30 day notice. Here, he’s talking with Supervisor Rick Thompson about making lists to leave for his successor.

AUDUBON COUNTY — A longtime employee at the Audubon County Courthouse is retiring.

Doug Weston, custodian at the courthouse, gave the supervisors a letter announcing his plans to retire.

Weston has been with the county for 30 years on Nov. 1.

Weston told the supervisors he was working on a list of important issues for his successor, “a cheat sheet for the next guy,” he said, so that the contacts wouldn’t be lost. Over the years he has found contacts to help him find hard to find replacement parts for old equipment, and knows who to call when special repairs are needed.

The Audubon County Courthouse is 80 years old, and the supervisors joked that Weston had gotten “the fun 30 years,” of that time, taking care of the building as it aged.

Weston said when it came to taking care of the courthouse, “life’s full of surprises.” In addition to mowing the lawn, shoveling snow and keeping floors polished, Weston had regular upkeep on things like the courthouse boiler, and might get called in at all hours when things broke down.

“My job,” he told the supervisors, “is to fix what I can, and hire when I can’t. Your job is to figure out how to pay for it.”

Supervisor Chair Todd Nelsen said he wasn’t surprised when Weston turned in his notice, “I kind of knew that was coming,” he said.

The supervisors planned to formally accept the resignation at their next meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

They said they were going to get an advertisement for the custodian position put together as soon as they could.