Wine and Whimsy

By Laura Bacon/NT Staff Writer

Nikki Schneider of The Whimsical Wine Trailer wants to offer people a place to get a glass and sit down and relax.

AUDUBON — “Every morning you have two choices, you can continue to sleep with your dreams, or you can wake up and chase them.”

Nikki Schneider spent eight years working at a non-profit, completed college, spent time bartending as a second job and slowly found her passions, and that led to the Whimsical Wine Trailer.

“There were never any wine options at community events,” she said, and “I figured there had to be a way to make that possible, and make it a fun environment where people could come in, and slow down and make memories together.”

The wine trailer is — whimsically — decorated with flowers, lace, and witty sayings, and is billed as “Iowa’s First Mobile Wine Bar.”

The trailer is based out of Collins, a small town of less than 500, near Nevada and Maxwell.

The Audubon event was fun, she said. “Business was good, it was not too shabby. The weather turned out perfect, we drove through rain getting here and 15 minutes out, the sun came out.”

The trailer offers some seating and the bar, and additional seating is available outside so people can sit down, and enjoy themselves.

Nikki said the trailer wasn’t like a beer garden at community events. “I don’t want people in and out real fast,” she said, “I want them to enjoy the atmosphere, and the environment of the wine trailer.”

More information on the trailer is available on their Facebook page and on their website at