The Exira-Elk Horn-Kimballton schools hosted the ninth annual School Spelling Bee Contest for first through eighth grades. Students were given the opportunity to compete in the school spelling bee contest by obtaining one of the top five scores on our Spartan Fundraiser Spelling test of 50 words. We had 40 students participating in the event. The contest was held on Jan. 15 at Exira-EHK Middle School. The judges this year were Deane Erickson, Ann White, Linda Petersen and Lisa Dreier.

Hailie Snider, eighth grade, was this year’s Spelling Bee Champion. Hailie will be representing Exira-EHK School at the Scripps Regional Spelling Bee on March 21 in Rock Island, Ill., at Augustana College. Her parents are Alicia and Kyle Petersen.

Cooper Paulsen was the Runner-up. The winner in the Elementary division was Caden Akers.

“We want everyone to wish, Hailie, Good Luck at Regionals! Our staff would like to congratulate, Hailie and all participants for doing an awesome academic job in our ninth annual School Spelling Bee!“ said Mrs. Dreier, TAG Instructor.

The Exira-EHK first through third graders conducted the Spartan Fundraiser where the students asked for donations for every correct spelling word. They collected over $3,000. The money will be used for SPARTAN PRIDE program and/or technology. Staff appreciated the students who collected pledges and studied for the School Spelling Bee.

Top Five Best scores on the ninth annual School Spelling Bee:

Top Best Spellers in Grades first through eighth grade

First grade: 1. Logan Wedemeyer 2. Brey Hansen 3. Lane Christensen 4. Joseph Yock 5. Charlie Ratigan

Second grade: 1. Nora Bicker 2. Dawson Miller 3. Peyton Madsen 4. Caden Akers 5. Dalton Miller

Third grade: 1. Jacob Porter 2. Karson Johnson 3. Ryleigh Anthofer 4. Thomas Petersen 5.Chloe Konecne 6. Gavin Renstrom

Fourth grade: 1. Jack Hansen 2. Zoey Rasmussen.3. Lillian Niklasen 4. Brooklynn Snider 5. Olivia Malloy

Fifth grade: 1. Cooper Paulsen 2.Riley Miller 3. Michelle Wilson 4. Brooklyn Flathers 5. Kylie Christensen 6. Slade Sandbothe

Sixth grade: 1. Sophie Kitelinger 2 Austin Rasmussen 3 Madeline Blake 4 Mara Christensen 5 Paige Konecne 6 Ethan Thompson

Seventh grade: 1. Gracie Olsen 3. Bella Muller 4. Lillian McCall

Eighth grade: 1. Hannah Nelson 2. Hailie Snider 3. Gemini Goodwin 4. Emily Briker 5. Jaiden Pettepier