Ryan Wager

AUDUBON — “You Oughta Be In Audubon,” according to officials with the new It’s $5 in Audubon, and the store will be opening on Saturday, Feb. 8. Watch for more information in an ad in Tuesday’s North shopper.

Ryan Wager of It’s $5 said that a soft open was planned for Feb. 8 at 109 Market Street in Audubon, and the event has over 400 people interested on Facebook.

The store will open at 9 a.m. with a raffle at 8:30 a.m.

The store offers “raffled restocks.”

Basically the raffle offers shoppers a chance to be one of the first in line, without having to stand in line for hours.

“There is no advantage to waiting in line, everyone has an equal opportunity to be first in line with our raffle system,” officials said.

Shoppers get a raffle ticket and line up in the correct zone. You must enter under your own number, if you are shopping with children under 12, they may enter with you. If you are shopping with a partner, you must enter under the higher number. The company only has a raffle system for the first guests to come in at a restock time, otherwise you can enter the store normally.

The new store will be in the former Shopko building, and will bring new jobs as well as new retail.

The store liquidates merchandise for other retail stores, with a unique twist. On weekends new merchandise is put out and sells at $5. As the week progresses, shoppers get more items for $5, helping them to find bargains.

The store doesn’t use shelves — it uses large bins for items, and Wager said shopping is something of a treasure hunt, you never know what you might find.

It has a strong following, Wager said other stores often have 200-300 people waiting outside on Saturdays and Sundays, and customers often come back more than once a day on weekends, and daily during the week.

Wager is a Shelby native, his family has lived there since the 1960’s and he felt strongly about finding an answer to empty stores in small towns. With communities already having lost jobs and shopping, he said just seeing the empty store had an effect on residents.

An It’s $5 store opened recently in Council Bluffs, moving to a former grocery store on Broadway. He plans to open a second store offering daily need items and clothing, to be called Wager’s, inspired by his grandparents, later in the spring.