No four-way stop at Leroy and South streets

By Laura Bacon/ Staff Writer

The Audubon City Council voted not to make changes at the Leroy and South Street intersection.

AUDUBON — Turning the intersection at Leroy and South streets to a four-way stop isn’t necessary at this time, Audubon Council members decided, voting to leave the intersection as it is.

Audubon Schools Elementary School Principal Sam Graeve had come to the council to request the change to the intersection be considered. The school district had made changes to traffic for buses and parents dropping off students, starting at the beginning of this year. Buses now drop off and pick up children on the Leroy Street side of the building, and parents use the west side of the building for drop off and pick up.

Police Chief Matt Starmer said he had been watching how the new system was working, “Things are going fine down there with the portable sign,” he said, adding, “They have crossing guards and I don’t really see any safety issues.”

Councilman Andy Griffith said he had concerns about making the change, “If you start putting up stop signs, then everyone will want them.

The council voted to leave the intersection as it is.