AUDUBON COUNTY - In an on-going effort to engage the voting public in understanding the policies, procedures and growth of the Iowa Democratic Party, the Audubon County Democratic Party will be holding this Odd-Year Caucus on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. for registered Democrats; people can register as Democrats prior to the meetings. The caucus will be held online so the sign-in link will be emailed to those interested in attending.

The purpose of this caucus is to nominate committee persons to fill precinct vacancies and to begin begin precinct – level planning for the remainder of the year. Also discussed will be constituency groups within Iowa Democratic Party such as Rural, Labor, Veteran, Women, Elderly, etc. Planning topics will include growing the party, maintaining relationships within the party and local races for which to recruit candidates.

Contact Cristie Knudsen at or go to Audubon County Democrats facebook page to sign in to the meeting.

This event will signal the beginning of the 2022 election season. It is a great time for Democrats and would-be Democrats to be involved with the local party.

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