Woody, the newest employee at Project Harmony, is an English Golden Retriever.

The local Child Advocacy Center (CAC), Project Harmony, debuted a furry new staff member last week with four legs and a tail. Woody, PH’s new facility dog is a 2-year-old English Golden Retriever. Woody came from Patriot Paws Service Dogs, which specializes in training and providing service dogs to veterans and others with PTSD. Woody helps physically and sexually abused kids feel safe and comfortable as they talk about what they’ve been through and other child witnesses to crime explain what they’ve seen. Woody provides unconditional love and attention to every child with whom he interacts.

As one of the jurisdictions that sends our child victims to Project Harmony for forensic interviewing, we are so lucky to have Woody as a resource there. The Audubon County Attorney’s Office may soon have a similar victim service dog of its own, thanks to a grant we recently received. To follow Woody on Insta for pupdates and lots of photos, check him out @projectharmonypaws. Audubon Attorney’s office officials said they can’t wait to meet Woody, and thanked Project Harmony for all the invaluable resources they provide to children.