Sept. 8, 2020 — Memorial Building

The meeting was called to order by president Bob Ruhs at 5:30 p.m.

Board members present: Bob Ruhs, Deb Campbell, Todd Johnson, Linda Keller, Gary Keller, Barb Jacobsen, Tracey Armentrout

The secretary’s report was approved. (motion Tracey, 2nd Deb).

The treasurer reported that our funds stand at $14,331.44.

Deb is still waiting for the computer that we have ordered from Computer Concepts in Carroll. It remains on back order. She contemplates looking into a computer they may have on hand if this one does not arrive soon.

Correspondence: We have a thank you from Leader Dog for our donation and received a additional “bone” to be added to our banner. Barb offered to attach it.

Old Business:

The student in need of glasses has been assisted by our club.

Deb will contact the school nurse concerning her inquiry about Kids Sight. We have already made a decision not to visit the schools until next spring at the earliest.

Barb will be talking to Eric concerning any needs. Linda mentioned that there are some rooms without amplification at the middle/high in which the teachers (due to wearing masks) have a very difficult time with the students hearing them.

We have made the donation to Relay for Life and will put up the Lions banner in the square during the event this Sunday.

New Business:

President Bob would like us to help with collecting plastic bags that can be made into park benches. It takes about 10,000 bags to make one bench. Membership will be contacted and asked to collect and bring them to the Sept. 22 general meeting. Bob will take them to the Oct. 16-17 District Convention. (motion Todd, second Deb).

Also, each club is asked to supply a gift basket for the convention’s silent auction. Barb will ask Verneta to help her come up with ideas and put one together.

Lion Jackie has asked if we are again in favor of supplying $300 toward New Opportunities Christmas Food Drive. (motion Linda, 2nd Barb). Jackie will contact Food Land to tell of this decision and inquire if they will match our funds once again.

There is a Food Pantry Box being planned by New Opportunities. Barb will inquire and give us more information on this as to how we could be involved.

Linda has found that there is a wish at the Friendship Village for picnic tables. Barb will inquire if the shop class at the high school could possibly build two and Lions could cover the cost. This would be a great example of working together with other community groups and could be put in the paper.

We are sad to hear of the passing of Darrell Whitehead. Services will be at St. Johns Saturday at 3 p.m. Flowers have been sent and hopefully some Lions can attend.

Gary will supply Tracey with Lions’ garbage bags that she is willing to sell at her business.

We are not going to contribute toward the bouquet of roses promotion that Lori’s Flowers is sponsoring, since we have done their earlier promotion of a flower per resident at the Friendship Home. We will present this idea to individuals at the general meeting on Sept. 22.