Audubon City Council

Council members discussed current city code on ATVs, snowmobiles and golf carts during Monday night’s special meeting and will review proposed changes — looking at splitting ATVs out of the ban — at a future meeting.

AUDUBON — ATV riders may be able to ride in the Audubon city limits if the Audubon City Council approves changes to ordinances banning the vehicles at their next meeting.

While Audubon County allows ATV use, Audubon has a ban in place, which was confusing to some area residents.

One resident came to the city council asking if an exception could be made so that he could plow snow. He had purchased an ATV and plow, but didn’t know the city had an ordinance against ATV use in city limits, and mainly wanted to be able to get from his home to a church to plow the parking lot.

The council tabled a decision at that meeting, then took up the discussion again at a special meeting on Monday night.

Police Chief Matt Starmer was against making any changes, saying the number of accidents in the city was up — 51 last year — and might be harder to see.

“I’d prefer we didn’t change it,” he said, “and from a law enforcement standpoint it may be hard to enforce.”

Currently ATVs and snowmobiles are listed in the same part of the code, and council members wanted to see ATVs split out. They also talked about state laws and noted certain streets could be identified as legal for ATV travel — for example, in the case of the individual wanting to snow plow, the route from his home to the church where he planned to plow could possibly be identified.

The council wanted City Attorney Dave Wiederstein to look at the current code and split out ATVs from snowmobiles and golf carts, coming up with a new proposed code for ATVs.

The council will consider the proposed new ordinance at a future city council meeting.