AUDUBON — Voters around the country — and in Audubon County — will be headed to the polls for the General Election, voting on U.S., state and local candidates on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

While coronavirus concerns resulted in precincts being combined earlier this year, two familiar polling places will be used for voting in November.

Precinct 1 — North — will be at the Audubon AgriHall, at 400 North Division Street, while Precinct 2 — South — will be at the Exira Event Center, 106 North Jefferson Street in Exira.

While ballots aren’t ready for voting yet, voters may request an absentee ballot now. Request forms and information on how to fill them out can be obtained at the Audubon County Auditor’s Office webpage, or on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website, at

Questions on how to vote absentee, how and where to get an absentee ballot request form and more can also be directed to the auditor’s office at 563-2584 or via email at

On the ballot are

County Candidates:

County Supervisor - two seats open

Todd M. Nelsen, Republican;

Rick Thompson, Republican and

Doug Sorensen, no party.

County Auditor - one seat open

Lisa Frederiksen, Republican.

County Sheriff - one seat open

Todd W. Johnson, Republican.

Township Candidates:

Two Audubon Township Trustee seats - no candidates have filed.

Two Cameron Township Trustees - Howard Weitl and Bradley Klocke.

Two Douglas Township Trustees - Rod Hansen and Keith Grabill.

Douglas Township Trustee, vacancy term ending Dec. 31, 2022, Rich Zinke.

Douglas Township Clerk, vacancy term ending Dec. 31, 2022, Samuel Grabill.

Two Exira Township trustees - Robert C. Hansen and David Schlater.

Two Greeley Township Trustees - David Jensen and Tom Christofferson.

Two Hamlin Township Trustees - Ron Mullenger and John Osvald;

Two Leroy Township Trustees - Ivan Andersen and Mark McLaughlin;

Two Lincoln Township Trustees - Dennis Grimm and Stan Baack;

Two Melville Township Trustees - Grant Klever and Duane Sloth;

Two Oakfield Township Trustees - Dwayne Bornholdt and Jay Nelson;

Two Sharon Township Trustees - no candidate has filed;

One Sharon Township Clerk, vacancy term ending Dec. 31, 2022 - Kurt Johnson.

Two Viola Township Trustees - Louis Schultes and Larry Anthofer.

County Public Hospital Trustees, two seats open

Brett Irlmeier

Michelle Sprague.

Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners, three seats open

Steven Brinkman

Russell Bruhn

Paul Campbell

County Agricultural Extension Council, four seats open

Lexi Christensen

Hollie Rudy

Sandra Irlmeier

Bryan J. Svoboda

A statewide ballot question will be voted on in addition to candidates. Voters will be asked “Shall there be a convention to revise the constitution and propose amendments to the same?”

Presidential Candidates on the ballot include

Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence, Republican

Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris, Democratic

Roque Rocky De La Fuerte/Darcy G. Richardson, Alliance

Don Blankenship/William Alan Mohr, Constitution Party of Iowa

Ricki Sue King/Dayna R. Chandler, Genealogy know your family history

Howie Hawkins/Angela Nichole Walker, Green

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Cohen, Libertarian

Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard, no party

Kanye West/Michelle Tidball, no party

Candidates for U.S. Senator include

Joni Ernst, Republican

Theresa Greenfield, Democratic

Rick Stewart, Libertarian

Suzanne Herzog, no party

Candidates for U.S. Representative District 4 include

Randy Feenstra, Republican

J.D. Scholten, Democratic

Candidates for State Senator District 6 include

Craig Steven Williams, Republican

C.J. Petersen, Democratic

Candidates for State Representatives District 12 include

Brian Best, Republican

Sam Mohr, Democratic

Blake Johannes, Libertarian

Voters will also be voting on certification of state judges. The following judges are on the ballot in 2020

Supreme Court Justices: Susan Kay Christensen; Edward Mansfield; Christopher McDonald and Thomas Waterman;

Court of Appeals Judges: Thomas N. Bower; David May; Julie A. Schumacher; Sharon Soorholtz Greer;

District 4 Judges: Craig Michael Dreismeier; James S. Heckerman; Michael Donn Hooper; Margaret J. Reyes and Amy L. Zacharias;

District 4 Associate Judges: Jennifer A. Benson; Eric John Nelson and Scott D. Strait.