Adair considering new community center

The city of Adair sold their former community center when Dollar General was looking to come in, but are now considering building a new one.

ADAIR — A new Adair community center may be in the works.

Adair City Attorney Clint Fichter said the city was looking at building a new community center, after selling their previous one last year.

With the chance to bring a new business into town — Dollar General — the city sold their community center for $100,000. Without a grocery store or other good local retail, Fichter said, getting Dollar General there was important.

After that, community groups had been looking into getting another community center, and approached the council about working on one.

The new community center could be built in the park, off of the Fifth Street Bridge, north of Interstate 80, Fichter said. While there were a couple different options being considered, that was the council’s preferred location.

He said the building was designed to hold about 200 people and the estimated cost is $600,000. Snyder and Associates in Atlantic was working on plans.

Funds from the sale of the previous building — $100,000 — was available, and the city was looking at options for for a funding plan.

Fichter said there had been a lot of interest from the public, and that they were getting input at their meetings from a couple different citizen groups.

The council took the project over a couple months ago, Fichter said, and now they are just trying to get the word out and get input.

A public hearing is planned at 6 p.m. on Sept. 25 at the Adair City Hall.

Preliminary designs with different options will be available for viewing and the public can ask questions about the plans and give their input.