Council to discuss budget Monday

City Clerk Joe Foran will run through the city budget with council members on Monday. Here, he's looking over some documents with Mayor Barb Jacobsen.

AUDUBON — The Audubon City Council is expected to discuss budget items during a special meeting on Monday, Jan. 27.

City Clerk Joe Foran said the meeting would include time to go over budget items, line by line.

City budgets, he said, could be hard to understand, and going through the budget line by line would help the council members — both new and returning — get a handle on city expenses and income.

The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the city hall and is open to the public.

The council will also discuss possible changes to ATV rules for the city. ATV use is prohibited in the city limits, but the county has made use of ATVs legal in the county, where rules were not already in place to ban them.

That, Foran said, has caused some confusion, and after a resident requested a special permit to be able to use an ATV he purchased for pushing snow, the council will look at possibly making changes to the city’s code on ATVs.

While no decisions are expected at the special meeting on Monday, Foran said he was going to ask the council to look at what direction they would like to go — to make changes to the rules to allow use under certain conditionsor to drop the ban altogether — or some other option.