Get out the vote

Getting out the vote is important, but Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is asking Iowa schools to help get out the vote among a new group of voters — young people.

In May of 2017, the Iowa Legislature passed a law lowering the age for voter registration: under the new law, those who will be 18 in time for the next general election may register and participate in primary elections.

Pate announced this week that he planned to award schools that register at least 90 percent of their eligible students with the Carrie Chapman Catt Award, named after the Iowan who was a national leader in the women’s sufferage movement.

In a Tweet Tuesday, Pate said he was very proud to announce the new initiative and encouraged schools to organize voter registration events on Sept. 24, which is National Voter Registration Day.

Partnering with Project High Hopes, the YMCA Youth and Government organization and the Iowa Council for the Social Studies, Secretary Pate will help schools across the state organize and conduct voter registration drives.

Schools interested in being considered for the Carrie Chapman Catt Award and receiving information and resources about how to conduct a voter registration should visit