Mayor Barb Jacobsen

By Laura Bacon/NT Staff Writer

Audubon Mayor Barb Jacobsen issued the water alert for the city of Audubon.

AUDUBON — Audubon Mayor Barb Jacobsen has declared a water alert for the city, until the end of September, and is asking residents to conserve water voluntarily, by whatever means they can. While it isn’t an emergency yet, Jacobsen said, “We just wanted to be proactive.”

Residents are being asked to refrain from watering yards and gardens, and to use commercial car washes instead of washing their cars privately in order to conserve.

Water alerts are issued when moderate but limited supplies of water are available and City Clerk Joe Foran said at this time of year, due to lack of rain, “It takes the wells a little more time to fill back up because of demand. If we can just limit that demand a little, we should be fine.”

The city’s water project, which includes putting in one new well, is underway, Foran said, “We’re trying to get some agreements signed between property owners and we will be getting started (on putting in the new well) soon.”

Another project that could add to the city’s water supply is the repair of a dam or weir east of Audubon. That project is being done with USDA funds but hasn’t been completed yet, she said. In addition to preventing erosion, the project would also help increase the city’s well water supply.

The other water related project the city has underway — replacement of water meters around town — is also finishing up. “They put in 11 meters (on Monday),” he said. The project would have been complete but was slowed up by the COVID-19 pandemic. After new meters are installed around Audubon, officials will be able to change quarterly water billing to monthly.