The 25th annual Firefighter Memorial was held June 8 and 9 in Coralville. The Audubon Fire and Rescue had eight firefighters and their families join them for the memorial. They were also joined by members of Clifton Petersen and Harold Hansen’s families.

Saturday night, June 8, a candlelight ceremony was held and Sunday, June 9 was the memorial service.

There are currently 2954 names on the Firefighter Memorial Wall, 152 which are engraved on the Ultimate Sacrifice Wall. Audubon Fire and Rescue have four past members on the wall: Harold Hansen (LODD), Chis Jones, Keith King and Clifton Petersen. Cliff’s name was added this year. He passed away July 19, 2018. The Firefighter Memorial is a tribute to firefighters past, present and future.