Exira City Clerk Honored

Lexi Christensen, Exira City Clerk, was recently honored as an Iowa Certified Municipal Clerk.

EXIRA — Lexi Christensen, city clerk of Exira, has been awarded the prestigious designation of Iowa Certified Municipal Clerk from the Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association (IMFOA) for achieving it’s high educational, experience and service requirements.

Christensen joins municipal officers in the state of Iowa who currently hold the designation of “Iowa Certified Municipal Clerk.”

The Iowa Certification for Municipal Professional Program of the IMFOA was launched in 2005. The program aids municipal clerks, deputy clerks, and finance officers in improving job performance and recognizes the professionalization of the municipal professionals office. Completion of the Iowa State University Institute on Basic Government and Professional Curriculum, or a baccalaureate degree in public administration or related field, responsible experience in local government, and participation in conferences, meetings, and educational seminars are required to earn this prestigious Iowa Certified Municipal Clerk designation.

The Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association in conjunction with the Iowa Staet University Office of State and Local Governments Programs, and in partnership with the Iowa League of Cities sponsors the Iowa Municipal Officials Certification Program. The Mission is to ensure educational commitment to establish and maintain competent administration for city government in Iowa.