A very special presentation was made recently at the Memorial Building by the Lion’s Club along with friends and supporters of the Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museums. The group hid in the kitchen of the Memorial Building to make a presentation to Arch Andersen for his many years working at the park and with the elk there.

Tim Ross, formerly of Audubon and the son of Cam Ross, famous local artist, painted a picture of Andersen feeding the elk at the park.

“Everyone was there to give this good man a well deserved hug and pat-on-the-back,” said Ross. “Not long ago I painted this piece celebrating Arch’s lifelong devotion and commitment to community service in Audubon and, in particular, to the Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museums, and his beloved Elk. I titled this piece, ‘Our Very Own Santa Claus!’ Who needs reindeer when you have elk, right?”