Joshua Saunders

AUDUBON - Joshua Saunders was sentenced to an indeterminate prison term not to exceed 10 years in district court by Judge Amy Zacharias, who honored the plea agreement of the parties. Saunders pleaded guilty to burglary in the second degree, a Class C felony, and misdemeanor assault. In explaining the reasons for the sentence, Judge Zacharias cited protection of the community and the defendant’s criminal history.

On July 20, Saunders broke into a sleeping victim’s home and attempted to physically assault her. That is the basis for the burglary second conviction. Days later, while in custody, he assaulted and injured another inmate. That incident is the basis for the second charge, to which he pleaded guilty.

“The County Attorney’s Office wants to acknowledge Chief Matt Starmer of the Audubon Police Department for the thoroughness of his investigation on the burglary charge. We likely avoided a trial largely because of his police work,” said Audubon County Attorney Sarah Jennings.

On the assault charge, the jail staff did a superb job documenting the attack and putting together a case. Sheriff Todd Johnson also worked the assault case and presented the evidence necessary to get this conviction and sentence. “Thank you to Chief Starmer and Sheriff Johnson,” Jennings said, “and last but not least, thank you to Judge Zacharias for continuing to hold criminals accountable and for helping us get violent offenders off our streets.”