CASS COUNTY - Area residents who receive emergency notifications from Cass County got a text alert about 4:31 p.m. saying 911 lines were down.

The message said "Until further notice, all Cass County 911 calls will be answered by surrounding counties or by State Patrol. It is unknown how long this disruption will last."

Mike Kennon, Cass County Emergency Management Coordinator said the Cass County 911 system was down due to a fiber line that was cut between Council Bluffs and Atlantic. As of around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, all wireless 911 calls are being routed through Des Moines, while all other calls are being routed through Shelby County Communications.

Kennon said it was "absolutely unknown" how long the lines will be down. "I've heard 30 minutes to three days, that's the range I got," he added.

Those with non-emergency calls who want to contact the communications center, sheriff's office or police department can call the administration lines for those departments. The non-emergency numbers are: communications center - 243-2204; sheriff - 243-2206 or police - 243-3512.

Kennon said the public would be notified as soon as the outage was fixed.