Harlan – The Shelby County Historical Museum is excited to announce their newest exhibit: Voting in Shelby County. To kick off the opening of this exhibit, the Shelby County Historical Museum will be holding a viewing party of the first gubernatorial debate on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 6:30 p.m.

“Voter turnout in midterm elections is generally lower than presidential elections,” states Devin Sweeney, Grants and Development Coordinator “We felt creating an exhibit around some of the voting and election items in our collection, would be a great way to generate some excitement around this year’s election and highlight the importance of civic responsibility.”

This exhibit, which opens Oct. 10, centers around a lever voting machine that was donated to the museum by the Shelby County Courthouse.

“The voting machine may honestly be one of my favorite pieces in the museum’s collection,” says Sweeney, “When I look at it, I just imagine people voting for the first and how it must of felt like grand act. You walk in, pull the lever, the curtain mechanically closes, and you’re able to vote in private.”

For more information about the new exhibit “Voting in Shelby County” or about the debate viewing party visit the museum online at shelbycoiamuseum.org or Shelby County Historical Society and Museum on Facebook.

About the Shelby County Historical Society and Museum

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