Audubon County

The Audubon County Attorney’s Payment Plan for Driver’s License Reinstatement and Motor Vehicle Registration is available for those who owe money to the court system. If your driver’s license has been suspended due to nonpayment of fines, you may be eligible to regain your driving privileges by entering into a payment plan with the Audubon County Attorney’s Office.

Also if you are unable to register a motor vehicle or renew license plates that have been suspended because unpaid court fines and costs, the County Attorney Payment Plan may be able to help. We may be able to include traffic fines from other counties in your payment plan, as well as civil penalties owed to the Iowa Department of Transportation.

If you are a valid driver and there is no hold on your registration but you still have fines, you’re unable to pay off all at once, you can still enter into a payment plan with the Audubon County Attorney’s Office to ensure further action won’t be taken and get that debt paid off. If you are interested please contact our office via telephone: 712-563-2202, email: or stop by our office to get information.”

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