WALNUT — Firefighters from Walnut were called out about 8 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17, for a hog barn located at 52763 Whippoorwill Road, according to Walnut Fire Chief Justen Tooley. He said the department had to remain on scene for about four hours — but did call for assistance from five other departments.

By about 10:30 a.m. those other departments could return to their stations, while Walnut Fire Department remained on scene to deal with hot spots.

The building was a total loss, and Tooley said at this point, no cause has been determined.

Tooley said the building had two sections and the roof had already collapsed on one side before the fire department arrived. The fire spread to the other side of the building, where about 100 hogs were located. Hogs from the other half of the building, where the roof collapsed, had been removed recently. Most of the hogs left in the building died, Tooley said, but didn’t know an exact number.

Cold temperatures contributed to the need for assistance with the fire. The Avoca, Hancock, Atlantic, Marne and Elk Horn fire departments all responded and helped the Walnut Fire Department fight the fire.

Calling out multiple departments wasn’t uncommon. Tooley said today’s fire departments are often short handed, and sometimes have to call in more firefighters, depending on the situation.

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