As we’ve traveled Western Iowa to watch the Wolves participate in sports and fine arts, we have been impressed with the school buildings we’ve seen. Of all the schools we’ve been to, there was only one other that only had one gym where varsity sports were played. We also recognize the Wolves parents are some of the proudest parents out there! But that wolf pride doesn’t reflect in our school facilities.

The IKM-Manning school buildings need help. The current facilities are getting worse by the day. It’s not just the areas that you can see that are outdated--it’s major systems like plumbing and heating/cooling. Experience has shown that quick-fixes on 50+ year old buildings are short-term solutions that, in the long run, are much more expensive.

Having been previous attendees at the school on 2nd Street, then the one that’s now the Rec Center, and the “new” one in 1972, I can’t help but wonder — what would have happened if those voters would have voted no? Would IKM-Manning even exist today? We need to be thankful that the generations before us invested in moving the schools forward. They didn’t stick their heads in the sand. And now it’s our turn to invest to make sure that there are future generations of Wolves graduates. It’s time to have our school buildings reflect the pride that we have in our Wolves students! And that’s why we’re going to vote YES on Sept. 8. We urge you to do the same.