Austin Heinen

Though I write this in 2019, When this is released we'll be seeing it with 2020 vision. 

That joke has probably been already overused, nor is it probably that clever. 

It gets said every year, but this year of 2019 really flew by. Feels like not too long ago I was just covering football and no we're already about to head into the second part of the basketball season.

The year of 2019 was full of great moments for the area schools, as for Exira-EHK and Audubon, look for a year in review to be published soon.

In the meantime, basketball is back on the hardwood this Friday Jan. 3 and looks like thus far both school have very entertaining teams. It should be fun to see how this second part of the season shakes out.

Speaking of shaking things out, at long last the NFL Playoffs are back starting this Saturday. Saturday will be the pair of AFC games, starting with the Buffalo Bills at the Houston Texans, followed by the New England Patriots hosting the Tennessee Titans.

Houston has been a very inconsistent team all year long, and the Buffalo Bills have been an interesting team with second year QB Josh Allen. However, Houston has lost three of their last four playoff games and has never made it by the divisional round. I foresee a close game, but my pick is with the Texans at home.

As for New England and Tennessee, though the Titans have ben an interesting team themselves, I'd be very surprised if New England got upset two weeks in a row.

Hey the Packers have lost some bad game like to the Chargers, and almost to the Lions... twice. But at least they never lost to the Dolphins.

On Sunday the NFC teams take the field. First up will be Minnesota at New Orleans. Last time these two met in the playoffs Steffon Diggs answered the Viking's prayers with a walk-off touchdown with Case Keenum at QB. Though Dalvin Cook is supposed to be back for the Vikes, I cannot go against Drew Brees at home.

Finally, Seattle visits Philadelphia. Seattle was literally inches away from claiming the NFC West in their showdown against San Francisco, but alas close only counts in horseshoes and grenades. The Eagles have won four straight to earn a playoff berth by winning the NFC East, but Seattle has to like the idea of having another shot at San Francisco if the win.

In conclusion, I pick the Texans, Patriots, Saints, and Seahawks to move to the divisional round next week.

Finally, Jessica and I saw the new Star Wars movie recently since all the big fanatics of the series have probably come and gone to it by now. If you are into Star Wars by any degree, I would say it not too shabby, and would recommend giving it a view. 

Just make sure you got snacks and such. It's nearly a two and a half hour movie. Then again most Star Wars movies tend to last a while.

While I definitely would not call myself a Star Wars fanatic, nor am I huge into Star Trek for that matter, Star Wars has always intrigued me enough to go see the movies. 

I've seen some of the Star Trek movies as well, but not all of them so I suppose I could not give a fair judgment when say which of the two I prefer.

Overall though we both enjoyed the movie and if your thinking about seeing it and haven't yet, I say it's worth seeing in theaters for sure. 0

Happy New Year everyone, and have a great weekend.