MANNING — IKM-Manning school officials announced Sunday that the school’s baseball team will be in quarantine until July 6 after one of its players tested positive for the COVID-19 virus — but that player did not attend the game against Audubon three days earlier.

The district posted to following announcement on its Twitter page Sunday morning:

“The IKM-Manning baseball team will be quarantined until Monday July 6th as a student/athlete tested positive for COVID-19. We have been working with Carroll County Public Health and this is their recommendation to help ensure everyone’s safety and health. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during these changing times.”

Audubon Athletic Director Sean Birks said Monday that the infected player did not attend the game in Audubon on Thursday night and that no additional precautions will need to be taken by the Wheelers.

Audubon will continue to play their scheduled games.

The Wheelers will travel to Avoca tonight then host St. Albert on Tuesday. They will finish the week on the road to Tri-Center on Thursday. The Spartans are undefeated and sit atop the Western Iowa Conference.