If you entered the Audubon County Advocate Journal's football contest and didn't see the Kansas City Chiefs' stunning loss to the Las Vegas Raiders coming, don't worry.

You're in good company.

Every one of this week's entrants stumbled on this game, as the Raiders rolled into town and went home with a 40-32 stunner over the defending Super Bowl LIV champions.

For Carroll resident Donna Wanninger, the Chiefs' game was her only mistake. Therefore, she is the winner for the week and takes the top prize.

Just three entries had two incorrect, meaning the number of points scored in the Harlan vs. Council Bluffs Lewis Central game – 38 was the correct answer, with the Cyclones defeating the Titans 28-10 – was the tiebreaker.

Nola Neppell of Carroll was the closest, guessing 42 points, and thus takes second prize. Taking third is Lane Van Borden of Guthrie Center; he guessed 49 points.

A lot of entries also missed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' win over the Chicago Bears, Oklahoma's win over Texas and Texas A&M's victory over Florida.

Thanks for your entries and good luck the rest of the year, and be sure to patronize our sponsors.

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