Governor Kim Reynolds

Governor Kim Reynolds

Salons, barber shops and tattoo shops are among the latest business to face closure due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Iowa, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced Sunday.

Effective at 10 p.m. Sunday all salons, barber shops, medical spas, massage therapists, tattoo shops and swimming pools will be closed until March 31 Reynolds said.The action comes following the announcement that an additional 22 positive cases had been reported bringing the total number of positive cases in the state to 90.

According to IDPH, the locations and age ranges of the 22 individuals include: Cerro Gordo County, 2 adults (18-40 years); Dallas County, 1 older adult (61-80 years); Dubuque County, 2 middle-aged adults (41-60 years); Harrison County, 2 older adults (61-80 years); Johnson County, 2 adults (18-40 years), 1 middle-aged (41-60 years), 2 older (61-80 years); Kossuth County, 1 adult (18-40 years); Linn County, 1 middle age adult (41-60 years); Poweshiek County, 1 elderly adult (81 years or older); Scott County, 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years); Sioux County, 1 older adult (61-80 years); Tama County, 2 adults (18-40 years), 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years; Washington County, 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years); Woodbury County, 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years).

Iowans who have traveled recently for business or spring break vacations, whether internationally or domestically outside of Iowa, should strongly consider self-isolating for 14 days. This will support Iowa’s ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and limit the introduction of the virus from other points of travel.

Reynolds said she is not considering a “shelter-in-place” order similar to other states that would require residents to remain at home if possible. But, as she has done in the past, she asked residents to use common sense in taking precautions such as hand washing and to remain at home if ill.

“Be responsible and be part of the solution,” she said.

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