Audubon County Courthouse

Audubon County Public Health reported a 15th case of COVID-19 was identified in Audubon County as of Friday morning, June 19.

AUDUBON COUNTY - The Audubon County Public Health Department along with the Iowa Department of Public Heath have identified an additional case of COVID-19 in Audubon County. Officials said the case involved an older adult, aged 61-80, bringing the total positive cases for Audubon to 15, with 12 recovered and one death.

Statewide summary numbers as of Friday, June 19 show 245,288 individuals tested; 25,164 individuals positive or 10.3 percent; 219,756 have tested negative; 15,683 total recovered and a total of 680 deaths total.

Figures for other area counties are as follows:

Cass County 631 have been tested; 16 individuals were positive; 14 have recovered and there have been no deaths.

Shelby County has had 628 people tested, 65 testing positive, 38 recovered and no deaths.

Pottawattamie County has had 7,258 individuals tested, 577 tested positive, 360 have recovered and 11 have died.

In Guthrie County, 730 have been tested, 61 tested positive, 42 have recovered and four have died.

In Adair County, 349 have been tested, 12 have tested positive, 11 recovered and there have been no deaths.

Across the state, by age group, 4 percent of the positive cases have been children, ages 0-17; 45 percent were adults, ages 18-40; 34 percent have been middle aged, ages 41-60; 13 percent were older adults, ages 61-80 and 4 percent have been elderly, over age 80. Genderwise, slightly more of the positive cases, 51 percent, have been male while 47 percent were female. Of those testing positive, 26 percent had pre-existing conditions, 50 percent had no pre-existing conditions and for 25 percent, it was unknown if they had pre-existing conditions.

In Audubon County, as of Friday morning, there were 294 individuals tested; 15 individuals positive; 12 individuals recovered and one death.

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