Finding out many things Down on the Farm

As per usual I am rushed to write this column because my boss, one Jennifer Nichols decided this time to give me about two hours’ notice before she wants my column because Jeff is going to lay it out this week -she forgot the part where he will then change his mind and run it in the following week’s Shopper after I scramble to come up with some mediocre column again! Fortunately for me, this is the third rainy day in a row and a much-needed rain I might add -you think it is too late to matter but it always matters because we will need moisture next year as well.

I recently sold my house and moved into an apartment while we try and find something smaller and a little more to our needs at this point and I was reminded of all the times we moved when I was a child. I think I counted one time and it was like 12 moves in 13 years — however early in those years my dad was in the Air Force so there were frequent moves. The one move I remember vividly was when I was in the fourth grade, we moved from north of Bridgewater to down by Grant and we had been there for about four years and there was a lot of stuff to move. I can verify that the longer you stay somewhere the more crap you have that needs moved. In particular my parents had this- I believe it was a 68 Ford 500 car that they didn’t drive anymore so they put it in the back of the straight truck and hauled it down to the farm. When it came time to get it out, Uncle Charlie jumps right in and was going to drive it out when the truck bed was raised, however the brakes were stuck or gravity wasn’t working that day or something so it didn’t come out until it did and then it came out like a rocket ship and the car and Uncle Charlie went sailing. Both Uncle Charlie and Dicko can verify this if you are having doubts.

But when you’re down on the farm you get things done however you can and you make do with what you have. I guarantee one thing — we didn’t have as many decorations for the house to move as my wife has. I began to think of myself as a storage shed for Hobby Lobby we had so much. If it hadn’t been for John Krogman, yes I can count the former mayor in my stable of friends, my oldest son Josh and his two fine young gentleman also known as my grandsons Jackson and Gavin, son Logan and Bailey’s boyfriend Jake Dvorak, we might still be moving and while they aren’t as colorful as my Uncles Paulsy, Dicko and Charlie they were a fine group. I seem to recall Josh when one of the boys asked if this or that needed to go, “all of this stuff needs to go, every last bit of it.” I think they were trying to get out of carrying something heavy. We were also very fortunate that my wife had done such a tremendous job of having everything in tubs and such.

Did I mention I love to move? So much that this weekend we are moving my mother in law back from Lincoln, Neb. where she has called home since June. Apparently, she misses her favorite son in law and wants to be back closer to me -at least this is my story and I will tell it like I want sort of thing. But her moves are a little easier — its just her and she apparently doesn’t have the fixation that my wife does with collecting household decorations. I mean we aren’t talking tools or NASCAR collectibles or Chiefs memorabilia.

Did I also mention how much I enjoy all of the worthless political ads on television, radio and in the newspaper? These people can’t even begin to think for themselves because some overpaid political action group is already out there hammering on there opponent for the good of all mankind. I think we need to go back to the days of Abraham Lincoln when you “stumped” for political office. They literally stood on a stump and gave there speech so at least it was from there mouth and hopefully the thought came from there brain and not someone else’s. This has become ridiculous — everyone has made mistakes and they all tell us what they want us to hear because when they get to Washington they won’t be able to do what they say because you have to kiss this rear end to get this and that rear end to get that and it really doesn’t matter if it is what we want or need. Ok my rant is over. But please get out and vote your voice whether it is Republican, Democrat or whatever counts.

Maybe you have noticed I have been graced with being able to do the high school football scoreboard show on Friday nights on KSOM. Well last weekend, my number two son and his family were camping at Black Hawk Lake up at Lake View when he texted me the two granddaughters were not being particularly mindful and he was at the end of the road. I thought this was somewhat funny as he put me there many times. Anyway, I told him to put them in bed and turn on the radio so they could listen. He did and about that time Bennett Blake announced we would have the scoreboard show with Tom McLaren right after his game was completed. The oldest granddaughter Haylee was beside herself — “Why didn’t that man say Grandpa Tom- that was Grandpa Tom why didn’t he say that?” Son Donald had to explain that I was her Grandpa Tom, but not everyone else’s. Sometimes you forget that despite spending a long time on the radio many little ones hadn’t heard you on there as it was before there time. She thought it was great to hear grandpa Tom on the radio.

I ran across a couple of old friends at The Weather Vane in Anita last Saturday! Merlin Scarf and Donnie Brahms or “Smiley” to most of us — a couple of faithful followers of my column and all-around good guys. Merlin and I became friends when he was in charge of Anita Municipal Utilities and I was with Cahoy Pump Service — we drilled a well by the football field and I got to know Merlin that way, he is a good guy. I have known Smiley for a long time — he was friends with cousin John Casey back in high school and as such I saw him quite a bit then he was the flag man for the go kart races when I was the announcer. He worked at the Tune Up Inn in Wiota for many years as well -a very handy guy with a wrench. It seems that Smiley has been mentioned in my column in the past. If you will recall, I wrote about Uncle Marvin Jensen growing extra pumpkins and watermelons as some of the ornerier students at Cumberland-Massena high school would come out and appropriate said pumpkins and watermelons after dark and my uncle would chase them away with a shotgun and as much noise as he could make. Now I always believed and still do that possibly Uncle Marvin might have been an old appropriator of pumpkins himself — I know he liked to have fun. Anyway, according to Smiley himself it is quite possible that he may have been one of those misguided youths, he was quicker back then, who swiped some pumpkins. At least Smiley sure could describe a lot of Uncle Marvin’s actions to a tee. I wasn’t surprised at all. Both of those fine gentleman are another of the many reasons I like to live around here good people who are always willing to do their part.

This is harvest season or will be very shortly — be careful especially in the twilight hours and after dark as farmers will be moving those very large implements of husbandry around from field to field. There is no need to become a statistic. Be safe, be careful and stay healthy.