About 150 people toured farms around the state of Iowa including in Bridgewater and Atlantic at the end of August as part of the Iowa Angus Tour.

The tour started on Aug. 29 at Janssen Angus- John and Maradith Janssen, then traveled to Talon Crest- Larry and Marge Seacrest. From there it went to SJS Cattle Co.-Justin and Nancy Sullivan before traveling to Nichols Farms- Dave Nichols and company- at Bridgewater. It then stopped in Atlantic at Becker Ridge Farms-John and Abby Becker. The day ended at Voss Angus-Brent and Teresa Voss, and included three speakers-Ginette Gottswiller-Director of Commercial Programs, Kelli Retallick-Genetic Service Director and Kelly Schaff-Schaff Angus Valley.

On Aug. 30, the tour traveled to the Olympic Genetic Center-Tom Graham and then to Moffitt Angus-Craig and Jessica Moffitt. It then traveled to Nichols Cryo Genetics and the Prairie Meadows Race Track.