ANITA – A committee with two members of the CAM School Board and Superintendent Paul Croghan will discuss which facility projects to prioritize within the month, following a failed $30 million bond issue vote last November.

Discussion of what projects to do and what priority they should be given led to a facility study of the district, which was completed in 2019. That led to public meetings on suggestions for improvements to facilities. A facility committee recommended a pre-kindergarten through sixth grade building in Massena and a seventh through 12th grade building in Anita.

That led to a bond issue for up to $30 million, and proposed improvements ranged from installation of fire sprinklers and fire alarms, new heating, cooling, electrical, and lighting systems, restroom and locker room renovations to bring them into ADA compliance, new secure entrances, renovated office and administration spaces, an expanded kitchen, cafeteria and commons spaces, new and renovated classrooms, improvements for playgrounds and parking sites, to consideration of space for childcare. That bond issue failed last November receiving only 32% of the vote.

Croghan said Tuesday school officials are now looking at immediate facility needs for the district, and the committee will discuss the facilities more in depth within a month from now.

“So we’re looking at immediate needs and going to review the building needs with the board committee (which will be two board members and the superintendent) some time in the next month or so and prioritize them,” Croghan said.

He said one example of an immediate need is fixing the showers in the locker room.

“Those are getting done,” he said, saying the cost for that is about $30,000.

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