Lucy Mae Boutique adds storefront

(photo by Jennifer Nichols)

The Atlantic Chamber Ambassadors held a ribbon cutting at Lucy Mae Boutique, an online store that is opening up a storefront one day at week at 54166 598th Street, north of Atlantic.

ATLANTIC – An online boutique is adding a storefront north of Atlantic, to allow customers to shop in person one day a week.

Lucy Mae Boutique is owned and operated by Tayla Kamies, Tierney Tanner and Cheryl Kamies, and offers clothing, shoes and accessories to customers online. However to access their website- users have to use social media — either Facebook or Instagram- to access it.

To offer people a non-online shopping option, the trio decided to add a storefront open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon, located at 54166 598th Street, north of Atlantic. They will officially open this Saturday, May 7.

Tayla explained her parents purchased the farm property six or seven years ago, and it wasn’t being used, except for a garden, and a greenhouse, which is operated by her father Jeff. They thought the house would be the perfect space for a storefront as well as a place to take photos of products to put online.

Tayla explained the business name honors their grandmothers — taking both their middle names “Lucy” and “Mae”- and putting them together.

Tayla said she’s always loved clothes, and when she grew up here, there weren’t a lot of clothing stores in town. So she wants to be able to offer people that chance now.

“This is where I live, I raise kids here, so it’s something to offer other people (now),” she said.

Tayla said one of her favorite parts is getting to choose the products and hopefully find some the customers will like.

“I get to travel to all these fun places and say it’s for work,” she said. “I don’t know who doesn’t want to (go to places) and try on a bunch of stuff, spend a bunch of money, and hopefully make it back (when customers buy it).”

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