Record Breaking Scrooge Contest

The announcement of the Scrooge title was held on Tuesday afternoon, and Ray Pullin with Atlantic Bottling had the most points. PIctured are Jackie Sampson, contest organizer, Ken Burkhart, Atlantic Food Pantry, Candidate Pullin, Candidate Kelli Anstey, Candidate Tom Cappel and Karen Miller, contest organizer.

ATLANTIC – This year’s Scrooge Candidates broke the record for total amount raised- bringing in $24,117.25- surpassing a record of $23,248.10 that was reached last year. And in this record breaking year- candidate Ray Paulin received the Scrooge title.

The contest was originally created by Eleanor Hoover, but has since been taken over by one of Hoover’s daughters, Jackie Sampson, and Karen Miller. Sampson announced the news on Tuesday afternoon at the chamber.

“This will now become the best year ever total wise,” Sampson said. “Last year was the largest year total, and there were four candidates. This year there were three candidates, and you beat them. Unbelievable.”

Candidates included Paulin with Atlantic Bottling, Tom Cappel with Deter Motor Co and Atlantic Fire Chief, and Kelli Anstey with Fareway.

Paulin had a total of 43,506 points, bringing in 401 food items and $8,621 in cash, and Cappel came in second with 43,029.40 points, bringing in 933 food items and $8,419.28 in cash. Anstey came in third with 36,649.85 points, bringing 965 food items and $7,136.97. Paulin’s win came after a last minute donation from Atlantic Bottling, and that donation, which was not disclosed, helped this year’s contest break the record for most total amount.

Paulin appreciated being able to help out the community by being part of and receiving the title of Scrooge.

“The title of the contest is Scrooge, but I’m still a kid at heart, and absolutely love Christmas,” he said. “That said, we truly appreciate the opportunity to help out the community, and keep Eleanor’s spirit alive with her family here in Atlantic.”

The contest started in 2001, and previous winners were as followed: 2001: Kevin Ferguson; 2002: Eleanor Hoover; 2003: Rex McDermott; 2004: Tonya Goff; 2005: no contest; 2006: Rick Harlan; 2007: Mary Ann Moorman; 2008: Dana Halder; 2009: Tie between Janet Huey and Tammy Wise; 2010: Richie Anderson; 2011: Janet Cappel; 2012: Melanie Petty; 2013: Dave Miller; 2014: Tie between Mark McNees and Karla Eilts; 2015: Ted Robinson; 2016: Jon Johnson; 2017: Rob Stamp; 2018: Rob and Sonya Clausen; 2019: Eleanor Hoover’s daughters: Lori, Billie and Jackie; and 2020: Brian Ruge.

Paulin will be the grand marshal for the lighted parade in Atlantic on Dec. 4.

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