DES MOINES — Iowa House Minority Leader, Jennifer Konfrst said this weekend that if Republicans want to use a projected $1.2 billion budget surplus to cut taxes, they need to be

targeted towards working families.

Appearing on Iowa Public TV’s “Iowa Press” Konfrst said the budget surplus was the result of federal assistance and if tax cuts are being considered they shouldn’t go to “wealthy families or to corporations or special interests.”

“Well, I think first of all we need to acknowledge the fact that Iowa’s economy is strong in many ways because of the work that President Biden has done to help Americans get out of the pandemic and to help Iowa’s economy recover,” she said. “So I think that is a really important acknowledgment that this surplus can sort of represent. I think that I’ve heard a lot about tax cuts with this surplus. Certainly if there are tax cuts they need to be going to working families. We need to make sure that tax cuts aren’t again going to wealthy families or to corporations or special interests and I also think we need to acknowledge the fact that our schools have been underfunded for a long time, Iowa’s mental health system needs more funding and health care and prescription drug costs still hurt Iowa family budgets. So whatever we can do to help alleviate that I think is a really good use of that money.”

“If we’re going to do this, let’s make sure that we focus that on working families. Additionally, let’s make sure that these families are getting the benefits of state services that they have been promised by making sure that we’re fully funding the endeavors that we promised to voters.”

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has suggested that the state should consider cutting the state income tax, with a goal of eliminating it completely.

Konfrst said Democrats would not support that idea.

“(We’re) Not really willing to commit to getting rid of a large source of revenue for state services,” she said. “So that’s not something that I can see us getting fully behind. Of course we recognize that there are tax burdens and tax responsibilities that we have as Iowans but we also have revenue responsibilities so that we can serve Iowans who need it. Iowa needs state government and Iowans need the services that we offer. Let’s make sure that we’re prioritizing things that people can really benefit from like public education, like health care, like the environment, make sure people can use the tax, can receive the benefits of the tax dollars they are giving.”

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