ADAIR COUNTY – The Adair County Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday repairing the North 35 Summit bridge in order to allow landowner access to his farm land.

Adair County Engineer Nick Kaufman told the board that the bridge, which is on 150th Street, has timber pilings that were starting to decay. The bridge was recently inspected about a week ago, and officials recommended closing it.

After closing the bridge, a landowner requested the bridge be repaired because he needed access to his farm land.

“Roger Fox stopped in on Monday,” Kaufman said. “He needs the bridge for access. He has corn (near there). He said he can get his crops out this fall — he’ll just have to go back east through his pasture. He would like to see the bridge repaired.”

Kaufman recommended repairing the bridge because the only alternative is having the county pay him damages for his crops. He said the county has all the materials on hand to repair the bridge, but they would likely have to hire a crane operator to help with the repair.

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