The Cass County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Board met on Sept. 21 with 25 members, Denise Coder, Beth Spieker, Janelle Peterson and Brett Altman present. President Mary Strong called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Mary Strong, Lucy Newton and Cheryl Wessels attended the virtual 2021 Regional Volunteer in Healthcare Conference prior to the Auxiliary Board meeting.

Lucy Newton read the minutes of the Aug. 17 Board Meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Cheryl Wessels gave the Treasurer Report and Marcia Weis gave the Snack, Beverage and Gift Shop Report. Both reports will be placed on file for future audit.

Denise Coder proposed the Auxiliary help with the purchase of a Pulmonary Function Testing Unit (PFT) for the Hospital. Barb Wohlenbaupt made a motion the Auxiliary purchase the PFT Unit. The motion was seconded and passed. This motion will be presented at the General Meeting on Oct. 26 for final approval.

Brett Altman gave the Administrative Report. He gave an update on the remodeling project, recruiting of new doctors and the Delta version of COVID Beth Spieker reported volunteers can now sign up on line.

Committee Reports were given.

President Mary Strong gave the following Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, Oct. 19, Board Meeting, 1 p.m. Senior Life Solutions building at 1500 E. 10th Street, enter through the main door on the south side of the building.

Tuesday,Oct. 26, General Meeting, noon, First United Methodist Church. Flu Shots will be given and new pictures for Badges will be taken.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

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