ELK HORN — The Exira-EHK sophomore TAG students’ project sold MAY Day Baskets to the K-12 students last school year. They wanted to give back by creating a healthy fitness activity for the elementary students. They came up with GaGa Ball which involves a large octagon pit made out of wood and a ball.

GaGa Ball is a great game to play actively with many kids at recess. The TAG students involved with the amazing project were Emily Bricker, Hailey Snider, Hannah Nelson, Jameson Kilworth, Eric Wilson and Mrs. Dreier.

The TAG students purchased the wood, materials and a dozen new playground balls for the GaGa Game.

Industrial Tech Instructor Doug Newton’s Construction class made the GaGa Pit panels during their class time. Members of his class were Ashtin Hill, AJ Meyers, Cole Fahn, Gavin Bengard, Tyler Jensen and Kayden Hansen.

“Thank you goes out to the awesome sophomore TAG students for making the GaGa Pit game for our elementary kids. They love the new recess game! Thank you to Mr. Newton’s Construction class for building the pit panels. So proud of our HS Spartan students for doing great things!” said Lisa Dreier, HS TAG Instructor.

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