March 2

The meeting was opened by President Rich Witt and gave the invocation. Randall Baier and Phyllis Sponsler had quotes.

Among our guests were Larissa and Tanner Potter. Tanner brought the morning’s program for Fred and Sandy Hildebrandt. Tanner updated us on his status with the Iowa National Guard. He started with basic training in Ft. Benning Georgia. He also attended school at Northwest Missouri State and earned his degree there while continuing Guard training. Tanner is currently a Second Lt. with the Shenandoah platoon which partners with two platoons based out of Camp Dodge.  The Guard units are normally on a five year ready cycle, but the Shenandoah unit has been put on a rapid track to readiness following their 2015 recycle year because of a lack of ready units around the country. Both the active service and guard units are trying to up their percentage of people who are the most fit to serve. Tanner is definitely one of those, having excelled at every officer training with stops in Rapid City and most recently Ft Benning. There, he was the honor grad of his platoon, which included West Point cadets and active servicemen as well as guard members. Because of this, he has a federal stipend to continue to the next level which is Ranger school. We are gratefully to Tanner for his service and the great example he is to our youth and community.

Rich Witt will be in charge of the March 9 program.

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