The three-point shot era has apparently arrived.

I used to think at one time making 11 three-point shots in a game was awesome, and a hard act to follow.

The game where that happened was a North Scott boys’ basketball game, some 32 years ago, in a non-conference game the Lancers won by 25 points.

Now, it seems that 11 trifectas in a game is rather ordinary.

Yes, I’m referring to high school basketball, but when a team like Atlantic makes five three-point shots per game this past season, long after an era where making five in a game and you had a strong game, it’s showing just how important long-range shooting has become to the game.

So why am I bringing this up now, in the middle of summer, when many high school basketball players are probably either playing baseball or in the very least attending any one of a number of camps for basketball or other sports?

Probably because the NBA Finals have just wrapped and a big deal is being made of Stephen Curry, the guard who has used his gift of making three-point shooting look easy and just led Golden State to the 2022 championship.

It may be a bit early to lump him in with the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and LeBron James, and yes he is a member of the elite “50-40-90” club (50% field goals, 40% three-point shots, 90% free-throw shooting). But when you’ve made more than 2,000 career three-point shots – faster than anyone in NBA history – and making the three-point shot a regular part of the game, he’s got to be right up there.

Fans may have seen the occasional high-shooting offense, where a team uses the three-point shot as its bread-and-butter, but never has one player virtually made it that the three-point shot has become just about indispensable. It’s now often critical in winning or losing a game.

To wit: Except for an injury-shortened 2019-2020 season (he played just five games), Curry has just once been under 40% three-point shooting once (2020-2021, when he was a still-nifty 38% from beyond the arc) in his 13 seasons.

It’s going to be interesting to see just how much more the three-point shot becomes ingrained in regular strategy of basketball. It’s already a big part of the game, but with Curry’s accomplishments and skills becoming more and more celebrated, I’m going to expect it even more.

And yes, I did also cover a game where a girls’ basketball player once connected on 10 three-point shots in a single game. That was in 2009, Curry’s final year at Davidson College.

* * *

I appreciated hearing from a lot about Frank Howell, the one-time Audubon coach who led the Wheelers to a state championship in 1999.

There were indeed a lot of fond memories from former players and coaches, whose gift of inspiring players to do their best, be prepared and specializing in preparing his teams to outwork their opponents.

Audubon is definitely blessed to have Howell at one time build the foundation for a highly successful career in coaching. He built a ton of confidence in the program and I know it continues to this day.

I never met him – as I stated previously, I only knew of him through covering North Scott when they ran into Cedar Rapids Washington, where he coached after leaving Audubon – but I wish I had.

* * *

Finally, with this latest heat wave apparently subsiding, a couple of wishes:

  • Please make sure your car is running well. I’ve had a little bit of a rough stretch with my vehicle’s engine, and the mechanic at a local auto repair business is working on getting that issue – rough idle due to a cylinder misfire – resolved.

But also check your car’s battery and other systems. About 10 years ago, I had a car battery give out. Fortunately, when the issue arose, I was near a garage and had a new battery installed and an alternator repaired in a matter of a few hours.

  • Keep hydrated with plenty of water.
  • Please, please be patient with everybody, from coaches and game officials to everyone else you encounter. Kindness goes a long way.

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