The list of News-Telegraph area state track and field qualifiers grew overnight, as state qualifying meets, primarily from northwest Iowa, were completed Friday night.

Seven of the area’s eight schools have at least one qualifier, and several are in as many as eight events and have double-digit qualifiers.

Here’s the list of participants, as posted by the Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union as of 8 a.m. Saturday; note that relay lineups are subject to change.

A preview of the state track meet will be published later this week:



Atlantic (5 events, 6 qualifiers)

110-meter hurdles: Jackson McLaren

High jump: Jayden Proehl, Colton Rasmussen

4x400-meter relay (Carter Pellett, Gannon O’Hara, Tyson O’Brien, Bennett Whetstone)

4x800-meter relay (Caden Andersen, Alex Sonntag, Jayden Proehl, Bennett Whetstone)

Shuttle hurdle relay (Jackson McLaren, Colton Rasmusen, Alex Keiser, Dante Hedrington)


ACGC (7 events, 9 qualifiers)

100-meter dash: Cayden Jensen, Austin Kunkle

200-meter dash: Cayden Jensen, Austin Kunkle

800-meter run: Trevin Suhr

1600-meter run: Trevin Suhr

4x100-meter relay (Brock Littler, Cayden Jensen, Charlie Crawford, Austin Kunkle)

4x800-meter relay (Trevin Suhr, Kaden Thompson, Miles Kading, Charlie Crawford)

Distance medley relay (Austin Kunkle, Cayden Jensen, Charlie Crawford, Trevin Suhr)


Audubon (3 events, 3 qualifiers)

110-meter hurdles: Gavin Smith

400-meter hurdles: Gavin Smith

Shuttle hurdle relay (Aaron Olsen, Brandon Jensen, Carter Andreasen, Gavin Smith)

CAM (9 events, 11 qualifiers)

100-meter dash: Lane Spieker

200-meter dash: Lane Spieker

400-meter dash: Cale Maas

110-meter hurdles: Jack Follmann, Sam Foreman

400-meter hurdles: Jack Follmann, Cale Maas

Shuttle hurdle relay (Jack Follmann, Joe Kauffman, Cale Maas, Sam Foreman)

Sprint medley relay (Gabe Rouse, Jack Follmann, Lane Spieker, Cale Maas)

Discus: Cade Ticknor

Long jump: Lane Spieker

Exira-EHK (1 event, 1 qualifier)

High jump: Derrek Kommes

Griswold (1 event, 1 qualifier)

Long jump: Cale Swain

Riverside (4 events, 4 qualifiers)

4x200-meter relay (Liam Fagan, JJ Wilson, Grady Jeppesen, Ayden Salais)

4x400-meter relay (JJ Wilson, Mikey Casson, Grady Jeppesen, Liam Fagan)

Sprint medley relay (Liam Fagan, Grady Jeppesen, Ayden Salais, Mikey Casson)

Distance medley relay (Mikey Casson, Ayden Salais, Rhett Bentley, Grady Jeppesen)

* * *



Atlantic (6 events, 7 qualifiers)

800-meter run: Claire Pellett

1500-meter run: Claire Pellett, Ava Rush

400-meter hurdles: Chloe Mullenix

4x400-meter relay (Nicole Middents, Mariah Huffman, Chloe Mullenix, Ava Rush)

4x800-meter relay (Claire Pellett, Aubrey Guyer, Mariah Huffman, Ava Rush)

Distance medley relay (Madison Huddleson, Chloe Mullenix, Nicole Middents, Ava Rush)


ACGC (3 events, 3 qualifiers)

800-meter run: Ava Campbell

1500-meter run: Ava Campbell

High jump: Chloe Largent


Audubon (7 events, 7 qualifiers)

800-meter run: Hannah Thygesen

1500-meter run: Stefi Beisswenger

3000-meter run: Stefi Beisswenger

4x200-meter relay (Makayla Schmidt, Abigail Zaiger, Madison Steckler, Mattie Nielsen)

4x400-meter relay (Abigail Zaiger, Mattie Nielsen, Madison Steckler, Hannah Thygesen)

Sprint medley relay (Mattie Nielsen, Madison Steckler, Abigail Zaiger, Hannah Thygesen)

Distance medley relay (Madison Steckler, Abigail Zaiger, Mattie Nielsen, Hannah Thygesen)

CAM (4 events,4 qualifiers)

200-meter dash: Jenna Wheatley

Shuttle hurdle relay (Bree Bower, Nova Wheatley, Maddie Holtz, Abby Follmann)

Shot put: Mallory Behnken

Discus: Mallory Behnken

Griswold (1 event, 1 qualifier)

Discus: Paige Luft

Riverside (8 events, 8 qualifiers)

100-meter dash: Veronica Andrusyshyn

200-meter dash: Lydia Erickson

100-meter hurdles: Veronica Andrusyshyn

4x100-meter relay (Izzy Bluml, Lydia Erickson, Emma Gordon, Veronica Andrusyshyn)

4x200-meter relay (Veronica Andrusyshyn, Izzy Bluml, Elly Henderson, Lydia Erickson)

4x400-meter relay (Elly Henderson, Macy Woods, Lydia Erickson, Izzy Bluml)

4x800-meter relay (Carly Henderson, Macy Woods, Veronica Schechinger, Elly Henderson)

Distance medley relay (Emma Gordon, Macy Woods, Elly Henderson, Carly Henderson)

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