The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ fishing report for the week of Sept. 9, 2021 for southwest Iowa:

Greenfield Lake, Adair County, one mile southwest of Greenfield: Greenfield has a good bass population; anglers are starting to find acceptable-size crappies in the lake. Black Crappie — Fair: Catch 8- to 9-inch black crappie with minnows under a bobber fished in the tree piles. Sorting is needed for the larger fish. Bluegill — Fair: Troll or drift small jigs to catch 7.5 inch bluegill. Channel Catfish — Fair: Try cut bait or stink bait fished around the jetties. Anglers have the opportunity to catch a trophy-sized channel cat. Largemouth Bass — Good: Greenfield has a good bass population with a high percentage of 14- to 16-inch fish.

Lake Anita, Cass County, one-half mile south of Anita: Water clarity remains good. Black Crappie — Fair: The large year class of 6-inch black crappies are now 8- to 9-inches. Sorting is needed, but a larger percentage of crappies are now acceptable-size. Bluegill — Fair: Find bluegills around the roadbeds and slow trolling the creek channels in 8 feet of water. Largemouth Bass — Good: Find largemouth bass in the tree piles and along vegetation edges.

Lake Manawa, Pottawattamie County, southwest edge of Council Bluffs: Channel Catfish — Fair: Try stink bait fished early in the morning. Walleye — Slow: Troll crankbaits on the west side of the lake. Cast a leech or crawler under a slip bobber around Tin Can dyke. The dredge cuts will also hold walleyes. Wiper (Hybrid Striped Bass) — No Report: Cast or troll crankbaits.

Meadow Lake, Adair County, six miles northeast of Greenfield: Bluegills will average 8-inches and black crappies 10- to 12-inches. Largemouth bass and channel catfish are also doing well. Black Crappie — Slow: Find black crappies around the deeper tree piles in the lake. Fish average 10-inches. Bluegill — Fair: Try fishing the tree piles to find 8-inch bluegills. Channel Catfish — Slow: Anglers report catching catfish out of tree piles with cut bait. Largemouth Bass — Fair: Anglers report catching bass casting the shoreline and in the tree piles.

Orient Lake, Adair County, one mile south of Orient: Water clarity is fair. Bluegill — Good: A few 8-inch bluegills can be caught around the tree piles in the lake. Channel Catfish — Fair: Use cut bait or shrimp. Yellow Bullhead — Fair: Catfish anglers are picking up a few large bullheads.

Prairie Rose Lake, Shelby County, eight miles southeast of Harlan: Water clarity is good. Black Crappie — Slow. Bluegill — Fair: Bluegills are associated with the thermocline during the middle of the day. Anglers are slow trolling 8 feet of water with small jigs tipped with a crawler to find fish. Largemouth Bass — Fair: Cast the shore line and the tree piles to catch 14- to 16-inch largemouth bass.

Viking Lake, Montgomery County, 4 miles east of Stanton: Viking Lake is 7 feet below full pool. Access is compromised. Black Crappie — Fair. Bluegil — Fair. Channel Catfish — Good: Catch channel catfish from shore with stink bait. Largemouth Bass — Fair.

For more information on lakes in the Southwest District call the Cold Springs office at (712) 769-2587.

Green Valley Lake, Union County, 2-1/2 miles northwest of Creston: Bluegill — Fair: Catch bluegill up to 8-inches with worms under a bobber fished near cedar tree brush piles. Channel Catfish — Slow: Try night crawlers fished along rocky shoreline areas to catch channel catfish up to 8 pounds. Largemouth Bass- Slow: Catch largemouth bass up to 21-inches with a jig fished near cedar tree brush piles.

Lake Icaria, Adams County, 4 miles north of Corning: Channel Catfish – Good: Catch channel catfish of all sizes with night crawlers fished along rocky shoreline areas.

Three Mile Lake, Union County, three miles northwest of Afton: Courtesy docks are installed at the main boat ramp. Bluegill — Fair: Try jigs fished near cedar tree brush piles or on the fish mounds to catch bluegill up to 8.5-inches. Largemouth Bass — Slow: Catch largemouth bass of all sizes with jigs fished along weedlines or cedar tree brush piles.

Twelve Mile Lake, Union County, four miles east of Creston: The dock is in at main ramp. Bluegill — Fair: Try jigs fished along the creek channel in the flooded timber to catch bluegill up to 8-inches. Largemouth Bass — Fair: Catch largemouth bass up to 21-inches with jigs fished near cedar tree brush piles. Yellow Perch — Slow: Use minnows fished along the fishing jetties to catch yellow perch up to 10-inches.

Water temperature is in the mid-70’s in most Mount Ayr district lakes. For more information, call the Mount Ayr Fisheries office at 641-464-3108.

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