DMACC is now offering Classes from the Disbanded Non-Profit Organization

• The Non-Credit Classes are Designed for, but not Limited to, Seniors 55 Years and Older.

• The Senior College @ DMACC is Offering Nine Non-Credit Classes this Fall Semester.

• DMACC is Working with an Advisory Group of former Senior College of Greater Des Moines Board Members to Transition the Program to DMACC.

The Senior College of Greater Des Moines, which disbanded as a non-profit organization in February, has been transitioned to DMACC and is now the Senior College @ DMACC.

“Through this program, DMACC will help seniors build new skills, explore new ideas, and enhance their understanding of a variety of interesting topics,” said DMACC President Rob Denson. “This learning series appealed to many Central Iowans over the years and we’re excited to build on this very successful initiative.”

DMACC Continuing Education Coordinator Angie Neville said DMACC has been working with an advisory group of former Senior College of Greater Des Moines board members to transition the program to DMACC.

“We won’t make significant changes to this program because it was already successful and appeals to so many area seniors, said Neville.

Some of the classes include: “Designing Your Retirement Life,” “Microsoft Office Essentials for Seniors” and “Human Trafficking Awareness Seminar” among many others.

“The courses were developed over time through the original Senior College of Greater Des Moines,” Neville said. “Some courses involve more content then others and require more sessions.”

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