The Audubon City Council tabled resolutions related to bond wording for bonds for the fire station and city pool, waiting for the wording to come back from the bond attorney.

AUDUBON — Resolutions regarding the wording for bond votes for the new fire station and upgrades to the city pool were tabled at the last Audubon City Council meeting because bond language wasn’t ready.

Two bonds are being prepared — one for the construction of a fire station and one to do needed repairs and upgrades at the pool, according to City Clerk Joe Foran.

The bond for the fire station would be for an estimated $3.6 million, including $100,000 for fees and interest for the first year, as the bond wasn’t budgeted, Foran said.

The bond for the pool would be for an estimated $1.6 million, also including the extra $100,000.

The council tabled any action at the meeting because the city attorney was originally going to put together the wording, then asked that the bonding attorney do it instead. Foran said the council tabled the vote to make sure that the bonding attorney had time to put the wording together. The council plans to look at the issue again at next month’s meeting.

During the meeting, Fire Chief Tyler Thygesen said the bonding for the fire station wouldn’t include equipment and furniture, just the station itself.

JEO Engineering had checked out the pool and reported to city officials that the pool was structurally fine, but parts of the equipment dated back to work done in 1992-93, and were expected to last 25-30 years, and needed to be upgraded or replaced like some drain tile that was “pinched,” he said.

Also there were plans to add a zero entry to the pool, which would extend to the west from the shallow end of the pool, engulfing the kiddie pool area.

Foran said that would help with some issues they had in the past, with the pool having one circulation system instead of dealing with a large pool and a separate smaller one.

The zero entry would also make the pool more ADA compliant.

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