Dear Editor,

Seems like the hot topic in Audubon is the vote on the new fire hall. I feel it is needed to clear up some misconceptions of those opposed.

I’ve been asked why am I against the fire department. I’m not. Noted, I speak for a few folks. Not one person has ever questioned the fire department’s skill or abilities, as we don’t question our law enforcement’s ability and skills or even question that they could use a newer facility. We are leery of bonding $2.9 million, “but we really don’t need that amount” has been said in reference to what is being bonded; we question why a building that holds 14 units of fire equipment is needed; we question the urgency; Audubon is still paying for the brick sidewalk project; AFD has started charging for fire and emergency calls. Last I knew there is a school bond in the works; water rates just increased; it’s predicted that energy bills will increase 45-50% this winter; is our sewer and water system up to par? is the swimming pool needing repairs or in good shape? has the Memorial building ran its course? Folks just don’t feel it’s the time to add this to the city’s burden now. Americans are actually being told to “lower our expectations” right now. Maybe we need to “slow the roll” as they say, and figure out other ways to meet our needs and wants. The Rec Center and the Rose Theater are great examples of fund raising to meet goals (and they didn’t have fire association’s grants available) of what this community can accomplish in time. Bottom line is it is up to voters to decide. You can absentee vote at the Auditor’s office anytime. It takes 10-15 minutes tops or vote however you feel Nov. 2 at the Agri-Hall. Let your vote be your voice.

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